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We offer all levels of firearms training from the first time shooter to the experienced and competitive shooter. Whether you want a concealed carry permit, or just want to be safe with a gun, call us.

Offering Full-time, Professional Firearms Training for Everybody!

SC Concealed Weapon Permit Courses in Lexington

Concealed Weapon

Permit Classes

$85 class, no hidden costs: 

Instruction, fingerprinting (2), application, certificate, range time, eye/ear protection, target, loaner holster and even a weapon (ammo extra), if needed.

Personal attention and student safety are our

#1 concern. Our Instructors are SLED & NRA Certified.


In this course, students will learn the laws, self-defense and deadly force, pertaining to concealed carry in SC, as well as how to carry concealed, shooting fundamentals, and proper gun selection, storage, and maintenance.  Students do not need to own a weapon however, the standard CWP class is not a class to teach you to shoot.

Retired Law Enforcement? Retired/Former Military?

We developed a 4 hour +/- class specifically for you that covers "the statutory and case law of this State relating to handguns and to the use of deadly force in accordance with Section 23-31-210(a)(i) of the SC Code of Laws and successfully pass a written test provided by SLED."

The first 3 + hours of each of our CWP classes covers the legal portion of the CWP requirement.  You may attend any of our CWP classes that has space available.  Pre-registration and payment is required to reserve your space.  Class fee $50 and includes: : excellent instruction, application packet, fingerprints (2), exam. 


Please contact us if you have questions.

You may be exempt from firearm proficiency portion of the training.

In accordance with the new law that was passed on February 11, 2014, South Carolina or out of state retired law enforcement officers whose certification has expired (must submit proof of graduation from a federal or state academy that included firearms training as a graduation requirement). Retired/former military personnel who completed basic training (must provide copy of DD214).