Instruction Matters

The proof is in the pudding - or target as the case may be - as you can clearly see here.  Both targets were shot by a Master Sergeant (23 years service still on Active Duty).  The LEFT target at 3:00pm, just prior to the Wednesday Intro to Pistol Shooting and the RIGHT target just after the class at 5:30PM the SAME day.  Same shooter.  Same weapon.  Same ammunition.  So what changed?  Knowledge.  Sight alignment, trigger control.  And, the willingness to do what was asked - trust the sight picture and weapon.  The MSGT. was astounded.  He said he'd never been taught how to shoot a handgun until he took the class at Defender Firearms Training.

AFTER Instruction! 

2 Hours BEFORE Instruction!

Course fee $40 per person 
More and more people are inquiring about owning a handgun who have never fired one. This introductory course is designed to provide that person with a very basic understanding of gun handling and how a handgun operates with tremendous focus on gun safety.  The course is taught by NRA instructors in Lexington, SC.n First and foremost are the Four Cardinal Rules of Gun Safety. Upon completion of this course a person should feel competent enough to spend time on the range and especially, with continued practice, to take the NRA Basic Pistol Course and/or our Concealed Weapon Course.

Learn to Shoot

Offered the FIRST WEDNESDAY of EACH month AND the Wednesday before each CWP class.   Suitable for ALL levels -  from "I never held a gun" to the competitive shooter!