DJ is currently a Crime Scene investigator with the Cayce, SC Police Department.  He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with him to the classroom at Defender Firearms Training!  We are proud to have him working with us!  DJ is a "straight shooter" and excellent teacher.  You will leave no only, knowing the laws of concealed carry, but also with the confidence in your ability to protect yourself and others, lawfully.

DJ's Credentials:

1988 Cadet Academy, 5 years as a Law Enforcement Explorer. Over 21 years in Law Enforcement as a certified Officer, 7 Years as a Patrol Supervisor, 6 years as Investigative Supervisor, currently Crime Scene investigator. 10 Years as Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor, 5 Years as NRA certified Law Enforcement Select-Fire Instructor, Glock Certified Armorer, AR15/M16 Certified Armorer. 8 Years as certified Taser Instructor. 5 + years experience in Special Weapons and Tactics Training, and SLED certified CWP Instructor.

Darwin Weaver (DJ) - Instructor

Tommy and E'Lane are both NRA (National Rifle Association) certified pistol instructors and SLED (South Carolina Law Enforcement Division) certified CWP (Concealed Weapon Permit)  instructors. Tommy brings years of firearm's training experience to the classroom and the range. He especially enjoys teaching women (and men), "first time" shooters,  who have limited, or no, experience with handguns and then guiding them through the process of learning basic pistol shooting and then obtaining a CWP.  Classes are offered at least twice per month. While E'Lane hasn't been shooting as long as Tommy, she can hold her own on the range. Scarlett Darlin', E'Lane's SASS alias (Single Action Shooting Society) won the Ladies B-Western category at the SC State Match in March, 2013 and again in 2014.  Tommy continues to keep his tactical skills honed by shooting 3-Gun Competition. Click here to go to our YouTube channel to see some of our videos.

Through the hearing protection part of our business we specialize in offering our products at shooting events such as cowboy action shoots, 3-gun shoots, skeet shoots,  or anywhere there is a need for custom ear plugs for protection. We are an E.A.R., Inc. authorized provider out of Boulder, CO. E.A.R., Inc. (Environmental Acoustical Research) has been in business for 40 years providing countless thousands with custom molded injected silicone earplugs all over the world. We make these custom earplugs on site at shooting events and also in our office in Lexington by appointment. We offer a variety of laboratory products from custom electronic hearing protection to electronic in-ear monitors for musicians as well as custom electronic communications devices for military and law enforcement.

E'Lane & Tommy Tipton, owners

Tego Tactical, LLC was formed in order to have a vehicle through which Tommy and E’Lane Tipton could fulfill a mission and a dream to create a business that would, not only meet some very specific needs in the shooting community, but also introduce novice shooters to the world of shooting and self-defense, as well as benefit seasoned shooters by offering a variety of hearing protection and hearing enhancement products.

Defender Firearms Training Center, the name under which we operate, is located in Lexington, South Carolina.  Our office and classroom has been established to offer our customers and students a "one stop shop" when it comes to firearms training and hearing protection.