Why Custom Ear Plugs?

Custom molded ear plugs (the best ear plugs) are made by injecting soft silicone into your ear so the mold becomes the ear plug.  They provide a NRR of 30.  The custom plugs that we make are effective, comfortable and attractive from the outside.  Once the ear plugs/molds have set up and are removed from the ear (about 15 minutes), we trim and finish them in such a way that there are no hard edges or bulges on the outside of the ear.  We want not only the inside to be perfect to protect your hearing but also the outside of the ear plug to look good too!  You may choose to add a cord or we will dimple the right ear plug so that you can easily tell them apart.  We will make ear plugs for one person or a whole shift of workers either at our location during our regular hours, 10am - 4pm Tuesday - Friday, by appointment or at customer facility.  We travel to shooting events as well making ear plugs.  If you are interested in having us at your match or facility, please contact us via phone or email to discuss the details.

Custom Hearing Protection