Do I need to know how to shoot before I take the CWP class?

What happens in the live fire qualification?

Do I need my own weapon for the class?

What weapon can I carry with my SC CWP?

How long does it take to get my CWP once I successfully complete the course?

Why is the class so long?

What is included in the CWP class fee?

What is not included in the CWP class fee?

What if I have had a background check and been fingerprinted for work or military service? Do I still have to be fingerprinted?

Is the application fee waived for disabled veterans?

How long is the CWP valid?

Which states honor the SC CWP?

What identification do I need for the class?

What's the background check like? What if I have been arrested before?

What if my application is denied by SLED?

Frequently Asked Questions