Class Date 

Must have completed the Level I course prior to taking this course.

Level II Defensive Shooting Course

Prerequisite: Level I course

This class is for the experienced CWP holder who has a commitment to continued training.  Because of the advanced level of this class, students are required to have taken Defender Firearms Training's Level I Defensive Shooting course first.  Students will learn advanced/tactical shooting techniques including shooting from concealment and cover, using barricades and more.   

Class Dates

Level I

Sunday, February 8

1pm - 5:30PM

Level I Defensive Shooting Course

Post - CWP Tactical Training

This course is designed for the shooter who has experience with his/her firearm and has a CWP. 
The purpose of this class is to teach and practice drawing from concealment, target acquisition,
and to simulate, as much, and as safely as possible, a real situation where one's life is in danger.
In this Level I class, participants will learn basic self defense shooting techniques with live fire
practice at an outdoor range.  Participants will leave the class with more confidence in their gun
handling, self defense and a selection of drills that can be practiced on the range and on their own.  Participants will need eye & ear protection, weapon (concealable), holster/purse they use for concealed carry and a 50 round box of target ammunition.  Class will begin in the classroom at Defender Firearms Training, 1070 G South Lake Drive, Lexington, SC  29073.  Live fire portion of the class will take place at an outdoor range.  Please dress accordingly. Lace up tennis shoes or boots are required.  Class size is strictly limited to 10 participants for safety and for maximum personal attention.  This class is taught by NRA Instructors.  Additional NRA training courses are available.
If the minimum number of students is not met, Tego Tactical, LLC reserves the right to reschedule or cancel the class.  Class fees are not refundable however, our standard practice is to do our best to accommodate participants if an emergency comes up and we are given adequate notice of one week.  If Tego Tactical, LLC cancels the class participants will be given the option of rescheduling or full refund.  No show/no call may be rescheduled at the discretion of Tego Tactical, LLC..